Easy Rangoli Designs to Be Made In No Time!!

1. Basic Kolam Rangoli Designs


This is a customary kolam made with chalk and chalk powder. To start with, include a touch of kumkum into the water and apply it on to the floor. Give it a chance to dry, now utilize chalk to make the coveted example.

2.Great Rangoli Design


simple rangoli design utilizing white and red shading. You can utilize whatever other shade of your decision. Join it with white to make this great outline. Delightful strokes, unfaltering hand and bunches of persistence bring out such a magnum opus.

3. Blue-Green Kolam Rangoli Design


Never thought just two hues can make such a perfect kolam rangoli plan. Can’t get my eyes off it. The outline is straightforward however you have to pay special mind to every one of those little points of interest that go into it.

4. Customary Pookalam Rangoli Designs


This is an extremely inventive rangoli produced using bloom petals. Utilize brilliant petals to improve the magnificence of your bloom rangoli plan. Utilize all the bright blossoms from your garden and add energy to this rangoli outline.

5. Rich Pookalam Rangoli Designs


Make three moving young ladies in the focal point of your rangoli. Encompass it with a roundabout outskirt utilizing marigold petals. The creator square flanked tile adds to its magnificence and lavishness of this rangoli plan.

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6. Brilliant Pookalam Rangoli Design


This rangoli configuration portrays the sun. Utilize orange, yellow, pink and white shaded blossom petals to make this pookalam outline. Illuminate and place diyas surrounding it to make this dazzling rangoli sparkle along the night.

7. Rich Pookalam Rangoli Designs


Make flawless rangoli plans, utilize rice flour and bloom petals to make great pookalam. Orange and yellow shading makes this plan warm and inviting.

8. Corner Rangoli Designs


Make this corner rangoli outline for Diwali. Make a really yellow bloom and a few takes off. Place diyas close to the rangoli to upgrade its excellence.

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