Rangoli Designs For Festival or Functions !!

1. Ganesh Rangoli Designs



Here is a simple approach to make simple rangoli design  You just need to attract thick lines to make this marvelous rangoli.

2. Little Rangoli Designs


Draw this little rangoli plan in your home amid celebrations like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra or Ugadi. Utilize lovely, splendid hues to make this rangoli.

3. Rangoli Designs for Kids



Investigate this rangoli plan for kids. It’s a basic blossom plan that can be effortlessly made by kids.

4. Straightforward Freehand Rangoli Designs



Make an appealing blue-pink foundation and make basic examples over it. An ideal rangoli for celebrations.

5. Simple Rangoli Designs for Kids


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Children can without much of a stretch make this rangoli plan amid Diwali, Dussehra, Holi or Ganpati celebration.

6.. Little Simple Rangoli Designs



Here is a little outline with a star design in the middle. Encompass it with petal outline.

7. Straightforward Colorful Rangoli Designs


Go for these straightforward rangoli plans, utilize bunches of various hues to make it dynamic and exuberant.

8. Basic Swastika Rangoli Designs


Make a base utilizing yellow, pink, red and green shading. Attract a Swastika the inside and simple examples around it.

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